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Driving School Northwest Calgary - Facts About Road Test

Q:- Do you fail for touching the curb?

Ans:- No, you do not fail when you touch the curb. You will automatically fail if at any time during the Road Test your tire goes over the curb, hence you must be very careful when parallel parking. Professional training from One 2 One, (Nominated Best Driving School Calgary region) will help you to perfect your parallel parking skills.

Q:- Do examiners have a pass/fail quota?

Ans:- This is a misconception. There is are no quotas. The road test result is entirely based on your performance during the test.

Q:- Will I be given directions in time to execute?

Ans:- Yes, the examiner will give you directions well in advance for you to safely execute what they request.

Q:- What happens if I fail the test?

Ans:- You may take the road test again the next day. Only one test a day is allowed. Check the points on the examination sheet. If you have accumulated more than 75 points, we recommend you take brush up lessons from One2One the Top Driving School Calgary area.

Q:- How many chances do I have to do the parking tests?

Ans:- You will be given three chances to show your parking skills. Parking can be tricky, but we can ensure you are fully trained to park successfully.

Q:- How many points do I need to pass?

Ans:- You begin without points, but accumulate them as you make errors. If you exceed 75 points you will fail, the Basic Road Test.

Q:- May I use my own car for the road test?

Ans:- Yes, you may use your own car or rent a car from the driving school or from the Registry. If you are using your own car, ensure that there are no cracks in the wind shield, all signal /brake lights are working and that there is enough fuel for the road test.

Q:- Are parking skills required for Advance Road test?

Ans:- Yes, you will have to successfully demonstrate uphill, downhill and parallel parking for the advance Road Test. Even if you already have driving experience, we recommend lessons to ensure you pass the road test.

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