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Driving School Northwest Calgary - (FAQs)

Q:- How to book the Road Test?

Ans:- Road tests are generally booked through Alberta Registry but we can book your road test for you.

Q:- How to choose from the driving schools?

Ans:- Most people will say that we are the best driving school Calgary region. But you can judge for yourself by the amount of information provided when you call. Take note if the receptionist is friendly and patiently answers all your questions; or conversely, if they don't answer or call you back. You can also check reviews on Google. It is always a good idea to sort the reviews with lowest score. So if there are some good reviews, among the less positive, you can believe the good reviews.

Q:- Why are some driving schools much cheaper?

Ans:- In short, you get what you pay for. We provide quality instruction to make you into a confident, capable and safe driver. We deeply value our clientele and ensure you are well prepared for your test and future driving life.

Q:- I have driving experience, should I still go for training?

Ans:- Although you may have driving experience from a different country it is highly advised that you learn the rules and regulation of the roads in Canada. Our driving instruction will ensure you have a feel for the driving style of Canadians, their roads and weather conditions.

Q:- Could I pass the test with only brush up lessons?

Ans:- It is possible, if you have extensive driving experience that you could pass the road test with brush up lessons. We will be able to accurately assess you when you begin your lessons with us. It is important to pass the road test, but it is more important to be a safe driver.

Q:- Is 10 hrs enough to be ready to pass the road test?

Ans:- For most, it is enough but it depends on the student's comfort and ability. If you get extra practice with friends and family, it could make all the difference.

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