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Why Do You Need A Professional Driving School

Learning driving from your family members or friends will generally cover the practical parts of driving lessons, and you will miss out everything related to theoretical aspects as their prime focus on More »

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Long Driving Tips For Summer

Most of the people die in road accident, particularly in the summer seasons. The major reasons behind road fatalities are alcohol, drugs, aggressive driving, not wearing seat belts and fatigue. Prevention and More »

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Skid Prevention and Control

We at One 2 Driving school Calgary provide in depth knowledge for skid prevention and control. After a taking a driving lesson in Calgary from us, you would be more aware so as, what is to be done in case of a skid. We the BEST DRIVING SCHOOL CALGARY nominated by Consumer Choice Awards do the real skids and then teach you to control it, and we do that under safe and controlled conditions.

Bad weather conditions like snow, ice or rain can turn a safe road into a tricky and slippery one. Here comes the question – how can one prevent a car going into a skid out of control? Driving a car on wet or icy road can be really difficult, many car accidents are usually caused by driver’s errors or their reaction in a stress. These are easy techniques which can keep you safe, teach you to stay focused and prevent from damaging the car.