Long Driving Tips For Summer

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Most of the people die in road accident, particularly in the summer seasons. The major reasons behind road fatalities are alcohol, drugs, aggressive driving, not wearing seat belts and fatigue. Prevention and planning are always much easier than dealing with the outcome of a breakdown or a highway / road crash. Following these 10 tips will help you in driving safely in summer without any hassles and delays.

 1. Look At Your Vehicle:
You must take a close look at the vehicle condition before going to a long summer vacation or trip. Make sure that everything in your vehicle is functioning properly and perfectly. Check car breaks, air conditioner, oil level, tire pressure, seat belts, water level, etc. If any part is not working correctly / broken, then get it fixed or replaced. It is because most of the accidents occurred due to vehicle defects such as defective seat belts, faulty brakes, faulty fuel tanks, defective tires and faulty wiring.

2. Keep An Emergency Kit With You:
Emergency kit is a must have stuff for long travel or journeys. It does not matter how old or new your vehicle because it could crash at any time. To keep some necessary tools with you when going for long vocational trip is a great idea. You can add various things in your emergency tool kit, including a breakdown triangle, a mobile phone, a map, a torch, high visibility jackets and a spare tire with all the tools required when changing a punctured tire.

3. Check Tire Tread Wear And Pressure:
Always check the tread wear and pressure of your vehicle tires before going for a long summer trip. The conditions of the tires must be good, and the minimum tread depth is 3/32 inch. Besides, ensure that you have the proper tire pressure in all the tires. For knowing what the right tire pressure is, you can take advice from your vehicle manufacturer.

4. Drive Defensively:
Remember, a high speeding vehicle needs more time to stop with distance. Therefore, maintain a good distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. You must apply the 3 second rule of driving. It is a simple way to check whether the distance between you and the car head is sufficient or not. You can choose a fixed point like road sign and when the car passes it, count three. If you crossed the sign before 3, it means you are very close. Follow all the traffic and driving rules, including stop signs, speed limits, traffic lights and railway crossing. The best way to learn diving with its rules is join any professional driving schools like One2One driving school.

5. Take Proper Rest:
Feeling drowsy? Stop Driving. Safety is the foremost priority in every activity we do. If you are getting sleepy and snoozing, then take a break or rest for some time. Major symptoms of sleepy, include trouble keeping your head up, yawn continuously, problem in focusing and blink frequently. To reach at your vacation destination earlier, don’t take risks the safety of ourselves and other people around you.

6. Don’t overload the Vehicle:
You must check out the vehicle manufacturer’s suggestions for loading your vehicle before you fill the vehicle roof and the trunk with your belongings or stuffs. Remember, overloading the vehicle will place extra stress inside your vehicle tires in the form of extreme heat build-up that can cause tire failure as a result motor vehicle damage or serious injury or even death. You can find the manufacturers loading recommendation in the vehicle manufacturer’s manual or on the vehicle information notice on the door post.

7. Ignore High Speed Driving:
The faster you drive a vehicle, the less time you will have to react to a danger. High speed is one of the biggest reasons behind road accidents. Most of the construction works start in the summer season as a result higher traffic volumes are being compressed onto roads. Therefore, you need to slow down to the posted speeds whenever you enter in construction zones and always stay alert.

8. Take A Picturesque Route:
Always choose a scenic route for your journey rather than the boring motorways. The advantages of picking a picturesque route to your summer trip, includes keep you fresh, stays you away from long vacation tailbacks, stop you to stretch your legs frequently and you can see many beautiful places and surroundings along the way. Hence, take proper time to do a research before you start your journey or summer vacation to ensure having a good trip loaded with beautiful and striking places. But at the same, you need to concentrate while driving. Prefer to change driving with your partner after few hours.

9. Treat Driving Like Your Job:
Driver distraction is the most common reasons behind car accidents in Canada. It has proven that using a mobile phone, changing the radio station, drinking and eating are the most common distractions and can increase your chance of accidents by four times. Using hand free mobile phones are also illegal, and if you break this law, then have to face an on-the-spot fine. Therefore, do not use a cell phone, texting, talking, playing games and taking pictures during driving.

10. Stay Calm Always:
Sometime traffic can be very frustrating and can make many drivers lose their tempers, particularly during busy rush hour times. However, panicked drivers find themselves into the most trouble. To remain calm while driving, prepares you to handle any driving situation and minimize the chances of you causing a crash or an accident as you are irritated and frustrated.

Additional Tip:
Remember, sudden changes in weather like storms and rain can create driving dangers that you have not expected. You need to take immediate protective measures in case of flash flooding and heavy rain. If you encounter with any water-crossings, do not try to cross if the water is moving because running water is very dangerous and can sweep your car off the road easily. You must check the water depth before crossing it. Besides, wear sunglasses to block out Sun glare that can cause several accidents.

Remember, beautiful and unforgettable memories created by the travels we choose in our life. However, driving for a long distance is the best way to explore visit many beautiful places and locations. Hence, we have explained top tips for safe driving in this post. If we have missed any important tip, let us know by commenting.

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